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Nah robots don't go to heaven but their parts can be recycled to make something else now imagine a Clear toaster amazing right??? ( No I'm not desperately trying to be positive no t at a l l)


(( I’m trying to draw fluff but you guys not letting me. ))

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(っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) Fight-o, Ren-san!

The texture is just… so wrong… it just feels so wrong. Like my brain is wired to think this is inedible. I don’t know right now.

clear: master...I have a request...
aoba: yes you can give me the d
clear: I was actually gonna ask if I could call you by your name....
aoba: shit


When you in da club and that song comes on you hate:

When someone requests it again:



Noiz and Aoba hugged, Clear and Aoba cuddled

meanwhile, Koujaku is sitting in Glitter like

Koujaku got to hold Aoba’s hand. And we all remember what that means.